Rules of Conduct




All persons present on Valley Fair Mall property must refrain from the following conduct or activities:

1. Engaging in criminal activity.

2. Showing of gang signs and/or colors including wearing any bandannas or hanging

3. Relocating or misusing furniture including placing feet on chairs, tables or benches, or leaning back on two legs of chairs.

4. Putting out cigarettes on the floor or furniture and otherwise littering on Valley Fair property.

5. Gathering in groups that block traffic ways, store fronts, or otherwise impede the floor of shoppers.

6. Entering the service halls designated for employees only.

7. Skateboarding or rollerblading on Valley Fair property.

8. Bringing animals to Valley Fair for purposes other than to assist disabled individuals.

9. Disorderly behavior, including running, jumping, pushing, or jostling other mall

10. Creating loud noise or yelling.

11. Smoking indoors

12. Spitting or throwing anything on Valley Fair property.

13. Soliciting or panhandling.

14. Using obscene or offensive language or gestures, spoken or displayed.

15. Damaging plants or landscape.

16. Entering any restroom designated for the opposite sex.

17. Posting and/or distributing handbills, posters, or other literature on Valley Fair property.

18. Sitting on handrails, stairs, landscaping, or trash receptacles.

19. Engaging in any other activity which, in the judgment of Valley Fair management, constitutes any annoyance or nuisance to other persons entitled to use Valley Fair Mall for its intended use.

20. Photographs or video taping of mall interior, exterior, or individual stores without the consent of Mall Management.

21. All persons present on Valley Fair Mall property must be fully clothed, including shoes and shirts.

22. School age children will not be allowed in Valley Fair Mall during school hours.

23. No weapon, in view or otherwise, will be allowed on Valley Fair Mall property.

24. No loitering at any time.

Valley Fair Mall reserves the right to modify these Rules of Conduct at any time without notice.

Mall Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 am – 9 pm, Sun. 12 Noon – 6 pm

Department Store and Holiday Hours May Vary

Information: 969-6211